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Xbetpicks is your one-stop destination for experts-prepared, the best and most stellar-accurate 1xbet betting predictions, sports betting and ground-solid football betting tips today. Whether you’re looking to take a walkthrough, retrace your steps back into the past for the validation of our prediction accuracy, or for your own personal technical analysis, you have found the right page. 

Check through one of our deck of real-time prediction data for free 1xbet prediction today. Our football betting tips cover a lot of all major leagues, primera b, world cup, uefa nations league, 1xbet predictions and some of the most popular minor leagues so you can have everything you need to be a consistently sports punter in one place.

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Free Football Betting Tips Every day

Our dedication to supporting both the seasoned punters and the beginners with ground-solid betting tips, football tips and golden nuggets that are relevant to today’s predictions for betting systems is ever-increasing.

We quite know well the number of misguidances and frustrations out there. Learn how to overcome them. 

We want to replace all the betting systems out there that don’t work with powerful, actionable betting blueprints to bet your way to success for today.

That is why we are invested largely in connecting our in-house sports analyzers with world-leading punters to build a tips-generating machine, figuratively, that continuously churns out the useful tips that we publish every single day on our site.

Likewise, we are a network with popular sports officials across the globe and as well a large percentage of popular athletes and teams so you can expect first-hand tips, prediction for games or sports, trends, headlines, and every other useful real-time updates on our intuitive website.

Have a quick glance over our odds machines; Learn how to make good soccer predictions.

  • Odds calculator; we have an in-house free odds calculator that has been built to be easy to use even by a first-timer by our guru engineers and coders. First, you select your odds type, whether fractional (UK) or decimal (European) or Moneyline (America). After that, you punch in your stake amount in your currency which our odds calculator instantly multiplies with the odds available. Note; you’re most likely to receive a single odds slip at first, if you want an Accumulator or multi-bet, use the Add more option to set up our calculator for that. This is how to bet properly to use.
  • Odds comparison machine; built from the ground up to make you more profitable, our odd comparison machine functions across all major leagues including; EPL English premier league, Spanish La Liga, uefa nations league, German Bundesliga, United States Major League, and Italia Serie A. But here’s how it works. Our machine collects all our in-house made odds, generates a minimum of 10 different odds of the same event from 10 distinct bookmakers, compares all the generated odds with ours, and delivers to you the average. Our odds checker of sports has helped hundreds of punters to locate the best odds for all future tournaments and matches and we are glad to have you to enjoy the same benefits. Not only that, you  save yourself the troubles of hopping through multiple  also bookmakers and trying to calculate your steps through deciding who to go for. Learn how to make right soccer predictions.
  • Odds converter; yay! You can finally sit back while we do the calculation for you in a split second. Whether you’re looking to convert decimal odds to fractional odds or vice versa or from Moneyline odds to other odds, our odds converter is engineered for perfection and speed. What’s great? Xbetpicks’ odds converter can be used with Betfair, Bet356, and other bookmakers with no hassle in the least and also predictions for leagues such as uefa nations league. Likewise, whether you’re looking to convert an Accumulator or a single slip, our bet converter (still the same as odds converter) will do that for you instantly. Just make the right configuration for your slip on the options.

Be that as it may, see below for a complete highlight of the kinds of 1xbet predictions that we offer. You can use them.

1xbet Predictions (BTTS Predictions/GG Predictions Today And Tomorrow)

If you’re new, BTTS and GG may sound mambo jumbo to you. But those two acronyms represent the same thing. When written fully, BTTS means Both Teams To Score. Likewise, GG stands for Goal Goal. in both cases, a GG or BTTS is a kind of football wagering where you win as long as each of the two sides scores at least a goal before the match ends.

So, before you bet on a BTTS or get your GG bet slip, you can get our tipster-made GG/BTTS predictions right here to wager for profit every single day and over the weekends.

1xbet predictions (Over/Under 2.5 Predictions Today And Tomorrow)

Simply put, an over 2.5 bet is when you wager on the assumption that the total goals to be scored at the end of the 1xbet prediction or match will be 2.5 or more goals.

Conversely, an under 2.5 bet means that you’re betting on the assumption that the total goals from the two sides combined will be less or equal 2.5 scores.

To verify your assumption before wagering, our expert tipsters are pledged to keep updating you with 1xbet prediction for your over/under the 1xbet slips on a daily basis.

We also predict over/under 1.5 and over/under 0.5 for all leagues, especially the Uefa champions league.

1xbet predictions (Double Chance Prediction Today And Tomorrow)

A double chance bet can be the smartest way to secure a win on all your wagers. The reason is that you can cover two outcomes out of 3 outcomes with the same wager. Right?

But without our analytically prepared predictions, throwing to stones at a bird can still be futile.

Other than that, we also offer;

  • 1xbet Live Streaming
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  • 1xbet promo code
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