Best Prediction Site Of The Year

Make a quick Google-search right now and you will be returned with an endless pages-list of predictions for your next game.

The truth is, predictions are horribly easy to find on the internet. But getting your hands on the most accurate predictions made by the experts can be a lot of work.

That is exactly why we are dedicated to doing the technical work for you to give you timely updates on the best football predictions here at

Xbetpicks is run by a team of professionals. We have a bunch of free and adequately researched betting tips both for the seasoned punters and the beginners who are just starting out.

On the Xbetpicks platform, you will find varieties of predictions timely released for various Leagues all over the World.


To offer the best betting tips shared by professional punters on a daily basis. To provide bettors with the most accurate and reliable tips with an 80% average accuracy. Those are some of our mission.

Xbetpicks integrates relevant statistics, methodologies, and real-time trends to estimate our predictions before dishing them out to you.

Our objective is, of course, different from all other football prediction platforms around. Yes, we stand out to make you an outstanding bettor.

When others make your wagering process tasking, Xbetpicks have simplified the process for you by presenting the several markets and offering them in the simplest way ever. 

We have seasoned tipsters equipped with statistics, algorithms, and well-thought-out research committed to producing quality games to be staked on. 

This way, all our subscribed bettors make more profits week-in-week-out than constant losses over time.

Also, We operate based on a high degree of professionalism and sincere integrity so you can finally escape those manipulated fixed matches or football games out there.

Football has too many variables. You can’t possibly bounce off of your head the real-time fitness of the teams that are about to play. 

Neither will you know the exact performance of each player from the two sides by just doing the guesswork. 

To come up with a reasonable prediction, you need to consider the recent state of injury players, weather conditions, suspensions, past performances, current form, head-to-head, nature of competition, early bookings, the psychology of both the players and team playing, and other factors. 

And by “other factors”, I mean all possible factors that affect the outcome of a game.

That is why we have a team of dedicated, unbiased, and well-informed experts/tipsters to do all the rigorous work in order to produce quality football tips that you can rely on.


Xbetpicks is different from most football predicting sites out there. See below for why we are the only choice for hundreds of successful punters all over the world;

Regularity of Well Researched tips

It goes without saying that with so many football matches taking place around the world every day, you will want regular tips to stay on top of the markets. 

Especially if you’re an every-day punter, you want to pick a site that has regular football betting tips available and Xbetpicks is the right one for that.

Variety of markets

Simply put, the more markets you have access to, the greater your betting flexibility will be. 

Yes, read that again.

With more markets available to you, you won’t be bogged down with making the same type of bet over and over again.

Bye-bye to boring bettings.

By the way, there is no guarantee that a single market will always present you with winning opportunities. 

Therefore when you find a prediction site that comes up with various tips, not just the standard markets, there’s a better chance that you will be able to tap into hidden opportunities.

And here at Xbetpicks, we offer what is different from most sites out there who base most bets on determining winners alone. We offer a variety of markets just to make our bettors more profitable at the end of Matchday.


It’s really cool when you find a site that provides you with reports and analysis ahead of games which is something that other sites don’t always do. 

This gives you a great chance to actually see why you should back the recommended markets, rather than just seeing a prediction and wondering why it would be worth it.

Our track record of hot football predictions which puts us firmly on the top of the rankings are there for all to see which makes  Xbetpicks the most reliable and best football prediction site of the past year.