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Mathematical football predictions are predictions of football matches arrived at using complex algorithms which can also be called computer calculations. In short terms, data about an upcoming match is inputted into a computer and the computer’s output is a prediction.

Basically, this form of predictions offers more certainty than normal predictions. This is because the computer used is trained to predict football scores or goals as accurately as possible.

Of course, since any of the inputted variants can change (for example, at the last moment, Barca’s Leo Messi gets injured and leaves the team to play on their own) at any time, it would not be right to say that it’s predictions are always right. However, they have a higher percentage of correctness attached to them, unlike normal predictions.


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In order to help you make use of the mathematical football predictions on xbetpicks, we have compiled top five of the most frequently asked questions on predictions for football betting.

Can Xbetpicks Mathematical Football Predictions Be Trusted?

Xbetpicks makes use of complex algorithms which are designed for football prediction. Of course, no prediction had a tag of full assurance attached to it. However, xbetpicks mathematical football predictions are right more often than not. This means that if you stick with us, you will definitely enjoy more wins than losses.

When Are Mathematical Football Predictions Available?

On, predictions bare available every day. The tips are updated for your convenience and to enhance your winnings. At any time of the day, you can visit xbetpicks for accurate mathematical football predictions games.

Are The Predictions On Xbetpicks Free?

Xbetpciks offers free mathematical football predictions. This means that for nothing, you can get the latest prediction tips online at your convenience. What are you waiting for? Visit xbetpicks for your free mathematical football predictions for value bets.

What Leagues Does Xbetpicks Cover?

Xbetpicks offers mathematical football predictions across all leagues. While we are not particular about league names, we are extremely particular about the accuracy of the tips we provide and our mathematical football predictions can be from any of the numerous leagues.

How Should I Use The Predictions On Xbetpicks?

In order to use most of the mathematical football predictions available on xbetpicks, be sure to pick the right bookmaker. Your bookmaker is a key part of how much you win. pick a safe, secure, value and trusted bookmaker that offers great odds.

For free football tips, be sure to bet more on singles than multiples. While single tickets require higher stakes, they are a lot safer and if used right, they can result in massive wins for you