Soccer 13 Tips & Predictions For Today

In the world of betting, there are numerous ways to make a profit, you can bet on Football, Basketball, Boxing, Tennis, Hockey, Horse racing, Rugby and Cricket. Another market is soccer 13 which falls under the Football category.

Soccer 13 is a soccer betting pool market owned by Svenska Spell of Sweden and operated by TAB online, a horseracing & sports betting site in South Africa. It follows the actual betting pattern with the only difference being that it features a fixed total of 13 matches per draw.

 The 13 matches are taken from leagues all over the world but primarily come from South Africa (PSL ), England (EPL) and the top European leagues. In this article, We will offer an insight into the needed details on how to go about and profit from Soccer 13.

Rules Of Soccer 13 Betting

  • The average jackpot pool is R2 million and if there is no winner for the jackpot, it will be accumulated to the next draw until someone claims the grand prize. 
  • If there are multiple winners the total jackpot pool will be split.
  • There are winning pay-outs for 1 missed match, 2 lost games, 3 incorrect predictions and 4 miss-outs.
  • The results are based on the final score at the end of regular 90-minute playing games.
  • M1 will denote Match One, M2 match 2 and so forth until the 13th one is reached.
  • When matches start before the pool closes or are not completed, they are not abandoned or declared void. Instead, the results are calculated by a random computer draw from 16 different possibilities.
  • Soccer 13 pools close 120 minutes before the official closing time. This is because all South African bets are gathered into a single batch by TAB and sent to Svenska Spel Sweden to be added into the host pool.
  • If for any reason TAB is unable to send the batch to Svenska Spel, all bets are then declared void and money is refunded.
  • Also, if all matches are not completed by 9 AM the following day, they will be declared abandoned and all choices shall qualify. However, the provider reserves the right to extend the time for a match to be completed.

Every Saturday, Soccer 13 pools have an average pool amount and an average pay-out of a certain amount. Pay-outs are guaranteed to even single tickets with all 13 correct choices and there are four chances to win in every Saturday pool. They are as follows:

  • All 13 correct = 40% of pool
  • Any 12 correct = 15% of pool
  • Any 11 correct = 12% of pool
  • Any 10 correct = 25% of pool

The remaining 8% of each pool goes to guarantee a hefty pay-out in the case of only one winner. 

Chances to win in every Soccer 13 Sunday pool are as follows:

  • All 13 correct = 40% of pool
  • Any 12 correct = 23% of pool
  • Any 11 correct = 12% of pool
  • Any 10 correct = 25% of pool

How To Play Soccer 13

The soccer 13 punter will have to predict the correct results from a list of 13 scheduled matches provided by the bookmaker. So, you don’t get to choose the matches you will lay your bets on, every player that buys a ticket will try to guess the outcome of the same 13 matches which is mostly played twice weekly (mid-week and weekend).

 You have three choices – Home Win (Team 1 Win), Draw, and Away Win (Team 2 Win). If you want to bet on team one, next to the betting pair, you will write “1”. If you think that the game will end in a draw, write “2” next to the betting pair, and if you think that an away team will be victorious, write “3” next to the betting pair. 

 As stated earlier, you don’t need to get all 13 matches correctly to get a pay-out. 

Soccer 13 Fixtures

Soccer 13 is divided into 2 fixture lists, one for the weekend and one for the week. The week fixtures are usually up on a Saturday and Sunday while you can expect to see the weekend one posted by Wednesday, every week.

Soccer 13 Results

The latest results can be found on several sites but the best place to see the results is definitely on the TAB site. They list the lastest results, pay-outs and prizes for each game. So if you want to know the latest results or see what the pay-outs are, we recommend you visit the site. The results will be split up into the following :

Winning combination – The correct selections needed to win the prize

Results for getting 10, 11 or 12 correct

Winners – How many winners there were for each dividend, the less the better!

Dividend – the amount that will be paid out to winning punters

Soccer 13 Betting Tips For Today And Tomorrow

There are several websites that offer paid tips for the game, we suggest you avoid these entirely as they are setup to make the punter fail. No one can play Soccer 13 week in and week out without losing vast amounts of money. Tips for Soccer 13 are fairly simple and straight forward:

  • Budget your Soccer Betting – Makes sure you stick to it
  • Only play when regular teams are playing, stay away if you don’t know the teams
  • Weekend fixtures are better than midweek ones – rather play over the weekend
  • Do your homework, there is alot of information available to soccer punters on the internet, a quick google will give you the latest team news, results and more.
  • See what others are doing – Follow free soccer 13 tipsters such as Xbetpicks, compare your ticket to theirs and make changes if necessary.